Work immigration to Germany for skilled workers who have completed a course (vocational or academic)

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According to Section 18a or Section 18b (1) Residence Act, a skilled worker can be granted a residence permit for the purpose of working in a skilled occupation which their acquired qualification enables them to exercise. The preconditions for the visa or the residence permit are:

  • The person has a specific job offer.
  • Approval has been granted by the BA for the employment in line with Section 39(2) Residence Act (cf. Chapter 1.1.).
  • If the person has a qualification awarded abroad, the equivalence of the vocational training or the foreign degree must be determined. This generally takes place via a recognition notice issued by the relevant recognition body in Germany, recognizing the equivalence of their foreign qualification.
  • In the case of people aged over 45, documentation of appropriate pension provision must be supplied, or the gross salary to be paid must be at least 55% of the annual contribution assessment ceiling in the statutory pension insurance system.

If you meet these requirements, you can apply for a work visa – this entitles you to enter Germany and receive a residence permit or an EU Blue Card (other requirements must be met).