Services for foreign students in Germany


Studying in a highly modern and highly developed university and without any tuition fees is only possible in Germany. In order to use this opportunity, bureaucratic problems and issues have to be overcome. These include, among other things, the search process for an appropriate university, getting familiar with the application process, preparing and filling out the required documents and etc. When you arrive at an airport in Germany, you need support regarding the accommodation, the bureaucratic processes and cultural integration. Also, when you arrive at the university, you need technical and linguistic support as well as appropriate knowledge about the university instructions. If your position at the university is secured and after you have arrived in your city, in most cases, you need support or guidance for your daily life, e.g. in fields of insurance, rent, banking, contracts, residence permits, etc. For all these issues and problems, we offer you and your children a professional support and help in order to study in Germany.