Students’ immigration to Germany

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You can immigrate to Germany through education if you have received a university admission (or an admission to a preparatory college course or vocational school) in Germany and a student visa. After successfully completing the course, you can find a job and stay in Germany. This immigration way is popular mainly due to a very affordable university education and no requirement for knowledge of German if the training program is in English. A student visa is not only given to those who have already received an admission from a university in Germany, but also to those who want to tak part in a pre-university courses in Germany. It is important to show that the future student can secure his or her living costs and tuition fees. If the university is ready to accept the candidate and the candidate has sufficient proof of funding, he or she can easily get a visa and a residence permit upon arrival in Germany.

Immigration process through education

  • Finding an educational institution and preparing the required documents;
  • University admission in Germany (or an admission to preparatory college or vocational school);
  • Foreign or German school qualification with university entrance permit (for doctorates and master’s studies: corresponding recognized university qualification)
  • Preparing required documents (original + translation + 2 copies) and applying for a visa for the purpose of studying at the German Consulate;
  • Examination of the application (individually);
  • Secure funding (scholarship, frozen bank account or declaration of commitment);
  • If applicable, required proof of language proficiency test
  • Entry into Germany and receiving a residence permit for the purpose of studying (Section 16b of the Residence Act);
  • Applying for a residency permit as job seeker for graduates for up to 18 months after graduation.

Student / Education visa application documents

  • A package of general documents for Visa D;
  • University admission or
  • Submission confirmation of the application for a university admission for the applicant’s departure or
  • Confirmation of prior approval (reservation of a place in the university);
  • Invitation of a scientific teacher / research institute, description of the project, admission to study for Ph.D.;
  • Confirmation of contacts with German universities;
  • Confirmation of funding for at least € 10,332 / year;
  • Certificate of school completion;
  • Certificate of enrollment if the candidate is still studying;
  • Work book or other proof of working if the course was interrupted;
  • Letter of motivation with reasons for studying and plans in German or English;
  • Certificate of passing the international exam in the language of the course going to attend (from B1);
  • Biography in a table format with no gaps between the time intervals with full address and contact information;
  • If applicable, letters of recommendation.

Additional documents for underage students

  • Parents’ notarized consent for unaccompanied trips abroad and for a longer stay of the child in Germany;
  • Notarized confirmation of the guardian’s presence in Germany with copies of his identity card;
  • The child’s birth certificate;
  • The application for a D visa must be signed by the parents.