Skilled workers

You already have a degree and / or you are already employed and would like to work in your learned profession in Germany? Let us help you to get your skills and professions recognized and approved to find a job that meets your requirements! Most skills achieved in a foreign country have to be approved and recognized before you are permitted to work in those fields Germany. 

The overall process from applying for a position to the job admission is a long road with many obstacles.  Apart from the preparation and filling out the documents, communication with the responsible authorities and offices, clarification of differences and deficiencies, obtaining additional and required documents are the most important issues you may have to struggle with. Once the certificates have finally been recognized and the language courses have been successfully completed, the application process and job hunting are the next steps. This process should not be underestimated either. An appropriate style of communication with your potential future employers can easily secure your job position. Do not underestimate these steps and take advantage of our professional experience and support. Furthermore, we will be your reliable partner for finding a suitable accommodation and also acquisition of all necessary documents and contracts for daily life.