Recognition process of university degrees and qualifications

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Find your university (institute) and your university degree in the ANABIN database. It is necessary to carry out both steps, because it is possible that the university degree is listed without reference to the university. Degrees can only be recognized as university degrees in Germany if they were acquired at a university or institute with the anabin status H +. If your university is rated H +/- in anabin, your degree must be listed in the detailed view. Otherwise, a certificate assessment must be submitted. Not all foreign universities or university degrees are listed in the anabin database. In such cases, an individual certificate assessment is also required.

You can obtain detailed information on the individual certificate assessment from the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). The fees are € 200 for the first application and € 100 for each additional application.

Documents for the application for the recognition of the university degree:

  • Application for certificate evaluation with your signature;
  • Certificate of education degree completion as a certified copy;
  • Translation of the education degree certificate in German as a simple copy;
  • An overview of subjects and grades for the entire course as a certified copy;
  • Translation of the overview of subjects and grades in German as a simple copy;
  • School degree certificate as a simple copy;
  • A simple copy of the birth certificate;
  • Translation of the birth certificate into German as a simple copy;
  • Identification document (passport or identification card) as a simple copy;
  • Also, other documents could be needed.

The education systems of different countries are often very different. Therefore, the documents for the recognition application partially differ.